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Working committees

The Contact Person Committee has set up a nationwide group of contacts who have been given extra coursing on areas that are especially important to people with the diagnosis. In each publication of "SPINA" a contact list of people who willingly offer their peer-services is available. This list consists of parents of children with the diagnoses and adults who themselves have the diagnosis. They can be contacted by members who have questions about living with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus. The Contact Person Committee organizes courses every year for parents, teenagers and adults with Spina Bifida and / or Hydrocephalus. These courses deal with updates medical issues, education, job opportunities, as well as social security legislation and psychological aspects of living with Spina Bifida and / or Hydrocephalus, among other things. The courses are open for all members.


The information committee works with making sure that the association always has available books and pamphlets on important subjects, either for sale or loan, and develop new brochures and produce new editions of the member-magazine "SPINA". Updating the associations Internet-homepage is also an important matter. The information committee has made an extensive information booklet that is sent to every member of the association as well as any other interested parties. This information booklet contains information on  the following subjects: Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus,  the Norwegian Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, habilitation, technical accessories, daycare, school and education, employment and vocational occupational rehabilitation, dwelling adaptations, alternative medicine, latex-allergy, genetics, physiotherapy, cognitive problems, neurosurgery, orthopedics, psychological aspects, social security legislation, matrimonial cohabitation, sexuality, how to take care of wounds, bowel function, bladder function and sports. The committee updates this information booklet on a regular basis.


The habilitation committee works with subjects concerning the habilitation possibilities of the members. The committee works to stimulate contact and meetings between different parties in the habilitation field, weather it be toward the more private domain or the public and administrational domain. The goal of the habilitation committee is to ensure that members get as good a habilitation as possible in the long term.


The international committee is the association`s link between the Norwegian association and IF and other member-countries, and is concerned with the international work involving the association. This work calls for conferences, lectures about different aspects of Spina Bifida and / or Hydrocephalus and international politics and debate. The international committee biggest topic is the responsibility for the developing program in 6 African countries together with IF.


The teenager and adult committee works mostly for members from 12 years and older. The intentions of this committee are to improve the quality of life and possibilities for this group of people. With the help of the local groups we wish to draw up an overview of what each municipal and community have to offer disabled teenagers and adults. A second goal is to organize nationwide conferences having in mind both social and thematic venues. The aim is to hold these events around the entire country focusing all areas and age-groups.

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